About PathoDx

Our Mission

We are a passionate team of medical doctors and scientists who have created an affordable open-based PCR platform to identify pathogens.

Our current mission is to see PCR used to rapidly identify pathogens so researchers and clinicians can combat antibiotic resistance by sharing our vision of antibiotic stewardship. Our vision of antibiotic stewardship starts with rapid, accurate, pathogen identification.

“Our Mission is our Vision”

Antibiotic Resistance is the Problem:

Antibiotic resistance is an emerging crisis. As early as 1945, Sir Alexander Fleming raised the alarm regarding antibiotic overuse when he warned that the “public will demand the drug… then will begin an era … of abuses.” The overuse of antibiotics clearly drives the evolution of resistance. We have already seen pathogens resistant to all known antibiotics.

All antibiotic stewardship programs fail to include the most important weapon to win this war—pathogen identification. Timely, accurate, and precise pathogen identification is the only way this war can be fought and won. Without it, we lose. Yet, this obvious piece is consistently omitted from stewardship programs.

The PathoDx Solution:

Our vision centers around pathogen identification. If we can identify the culprit, clinicians do not have to guess or withhold antibiotics when they are needed. An antibiotic stewardship program designed to improve the appropriate use of antibiotics by promoting the identification of infectious pathogens is an integral part of the solution.

Molecular (genetic) identification using PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is the ideal platform to use. Rapid detection using Real-Time PCR increases the chances of selecting the appropriate treatment regimen from 30% to 99.9%.

PathoDiagnostics has developed proprietary assays that are capable of detecting a wide range of pathogens. We meet the needs of our clients by assembling assays and panels of assays to their needs. We have several examples of panels that many clients have purchased that often are specific to certain infections.

Our company is committed to producing the highest quality assays meeting stringent criteria so that they produce accurate reproducible results every time.


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